Embark on your Dream Adventure

Explore Uncharted Lands, Master the Waves, and Soar the Skies!

Blending familiar arcade-style gameplay with refreshing twists, Whale Captain offers an engaging experience that will appeal to players across all genres:

• Crate smashing, power-ups, and coin collecting.

• Bullet dodging and a LOT of shooting.

• Handcrafted visuals and music.

• Six unique maps — Randomly ordered, each with two phases, and becoming progressively more difficult as the journey unfolds.

• Randomized enemy and obstacle generation system, no adventure is exactly the same.

• Mid-level intermissions in the form of bonus mini-games to collect more coins and make repairs, go for gold!

• Each map ends in a climactic Epic Multi-Phase Boss Battle.

• End-of-level loot to enhance the ship’s arsenal of abilities, with well over a dozen to discover.

• Unique difficulty control via game speed settings.  A leisurely sightseeing expedition or a thrilling action-packed escapade? The choice is yours.

Do you possess the unwavering resolve, relentless determination, and burning desire to be Whale Captain?

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